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Remodeling and Home Design

Anyone who has spent 12 consecutive months in Chicago — especially along the lake in the suburbs of the North Shore — knows that for much of the year, a fire pit can be more of a requirement than a luxury.  Krugel Cobbles, Inc. creates custom designed and installed fire pits and seating areas that enable clients to enjoy their outdoor rooms well into the fall.

As always, safety is just as important as beauty to the designers and hardscape installers of Krugel Cobbles, Inc. who will make sure that the location meets City/Village requirements.

Krugel Cobbles, Inc. recommends the use of the following hardscape materials when considering the installation of a fire pit:

▪ Masonry over Concrete Footings
▪ Mortar-tucked Stone Slabs
▪ Stacked Concrete Units

Contact Krugel Cobbles, Inc. to discuss your hardscape project.

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