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Remodeling and Home Design
Krugel Cobbles, Inc. | Award-winning hardscape installations | Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Special Masonry

President / CEO

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Hans, along with his wife Jeri, is the founder and owner of Krugel Cobbles.  They began the hardscape business as a “start-up” company upon Hans’s retirement from the US Army.  The business began as a small family enterprise in July of 1982, with the entire first year’s effort occurring in Tangley Oaks in Lake Bluff.  Concrete Paver Driveways, Walkways & Patios were the elements of choice offered at that time. The company has grown from the inauspicious beginnings of towing a borrowed trailer behind the family car into a successful company which employs 50+ people, owns a fleet of trucks, trailers, and tractors.  Hans' company, Krugel Cobbles, Inc. provides hardscape installation services within three states, the North Shore suburbs of Chicago remain the hub of client activity.

“What has not changed from day one is the underlying philosophy of honesty, integrity, and respect.  These principles apply to all of our activities and guide our dealings with our employees, our vendors, and most important, our clients.  Strict adherence to these principles has been the key to our success.”

— Hans Hirsch

Krugel Cobbles, Inc. | Award-winning hardscape installations | Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Special Masonry

Sales Manager / COO

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Jon is a 1994 graduate of Wake Forest University, North Carolina, with a degree in Psychology.  He started at Krugel Cobbles, Inc. in the summer after a year of graduate school at Northeastern University in Boston.  He began as the paver maintenance crew manager and eventually worked his way into project management and sales.  Currently Jon is Krugel Cobbles, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer, running the day to day operations of the business, as well as managing sales. His is an expert in planning elaborate hardscape installations that include many complex elements such as Elevated Terraces, Masonry Walls (seatwalls & retaining walls), Outdoor Grill Enclosures & Steps.  Jon has worked with many homeowners, contractors and home builders throughout the North Shore and Greater Chicagoland area, helping to create and manage projects that add beauty and value to each property.

“There are two facets of my job that I really love.  The first is helping to provide an environment where the people who work for Krugel can really find a place they can grow, develop and have fun at.  I think this fact shows in the way all of the people here interact with our clients.  The second is having the opportunity to help people transform their homes.  My goal is to be able to not only provide a client with a beautiful finished product, but also to make the construction process as painless as possible.”

– Jon Hirsch

Krugel Cobbles, Inc. | Award-winning hardscape installations | Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Special Masonry

Construction Manager

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Chuck joined Krugel Cobbles in March of 2014.  He brings a unique set of skills from training in education from both Northern Illinois University and South Illinois University, Carbondale to serving our country for 8 years in the United State Navy as an Operations Specialist.  His work experience in both the home improvement and masonry industries have given him a wealth of experience and knowledge in construction management, building materials, green building and working with contractors.  Chuck’s gregarious personality coupled with his knowledge and experience in construction has allowed him to enjoy good relationships with many of our affiliates and suppliers which ultimately contributes to an overall smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients. 


Krugel Cobbles, Inc. | Award-winning hardscape installations | Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Special Masonry

Administrative Office Manager

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Elaine joined Krugel Cobbles in September of 1999 as a part-time office assistant.  From there she became a full time Administrative Office Manager.  Her overall responsibility include handling initial customer contact while managing the message center and the internal communication system, daily office management tasks, as well as most Human Resource functions for employees. 

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