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Remodeling and Home Design


Established in 1982, Krugel Cobbles is the leading Hardscape Installation firm in Chicago and the North Shore, their work complimenting countless properties in suburbs such as Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Highland Park, Winnetka, Glencoe, Wilmette and throughout the North Shore and surrounding area.

Krugel is proud of its diverse staff, comprised of talented designers, a registered landscape architect, hardscape material estimators as well as extremely efficient and detail oriented project managers.

Krugel is the contractor of choice for the installation for all hardscape needs, be it a paver driveway, brick walkways, a masonry stoop, steps or walls, a stone patio or a pool deck. The expert staff and familiarity with the exclusive environments and clientele of Chicago's North Shore with which they work ensures a painless and professional process from start to finish.

Krugel Cobbles, Inc. provides design and installation services:

Design, Installation and Maintenance of the Following Hardscape Elements:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Stoops & Stairs
  • Walls
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks
  • Firepits
  • Masonry Grills
  • Specialty Masonry

Masonry Restoration and Maintenance

  • Chimney Repairs
  • Lintel Replacement/Remediation
  • Window/Door Sill Replacement and Repair
  • Tuck Pointing of Brick, Stone and Block Walls and Veneers
  • Fireplace Joint and Brick Repair (Interior and Exterior)
  • Aesthetic Alterations (Changing Material Type on Fireplace Faces and Chimneys)
  • Window and Door Opening Alterations


Since 1982, Krugel Cobbles, Inc. has developed a project process that ensures consistent, reliable hardscape design and installation.  Krugel's descriminating clients of the North Shore of Chicago and the surrounding area have come to know Krugel as a firm that can be trusted to provide the best hardscape installation services.

  • Client contacts Krugel Cobbles and requests to meet with one of our associates to discuss a hardscape project such as a Driveway, Walkway, Patio, Stoop, Pool Deck, Fire Pit, Seatwalls, etc.
  • At the appointment, the client’s hardscape needs, requirements and desires will be discussed. Our associate will enquire about the ultimate function of the hardscape element(s) to determine size and scale.  It is important for the client to let his or her personality glow here since we intend to design something unique and personalized.  Hardscape material options will be presented.  The Krugel associate will take site measurements and photos.
  • With all the right information and tools, our design / estimating team will develop a drawing / sketch for the client's hardscape project as well as detailed installation cost estimates.
  • A detailed installation proposal will be presented to the client in a timely manner.  The Krugel associate will review with the client the design, cost options as well as the installation process and time line.
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal and a contract is signed, the permitting process will start – Krugel can execute this process for a small fee, or the client can take the paperwork directly to the city or village for processing.  Some cities and villages require pervious vs. impervious surface calculations – Krugel will gladly prepare these.
  • The hardscape installation project will be scheduled and the material will be ordered.  Client will be notified of the approximate start date.  Start dates are weather permitting.
  • A few days before the start of the installation, the Krugel Cobbles, Inc. project manager will review the details of the layout (i.e. driveway layout change, patio reconfiguration, new walkway layout, seatwall & firepit location, etc.) as well as all of the logistics, such as material staging (where will we store the concrete pavers or stone cobbles during installation, where will the gravel be delivered on the property, where will the trucks park, etc.) with the crew leader.  If there are neighbor or neighborhood considerations to be made, these should be brought to the attention of the project manager.
  • The project manager will visit the site often throughout the construction process and will be available to the client in order to ensure a quality installation, a beautiful end product and a satisfied customer. 
  • When the project is complete the project manager and the associate will perform a walk-through inspection with the client to ensure satisfaction with the services and materials provided.
  • Voila!  The completed project will be enjoyed for years to come.


The professional designers, project managers and installers at Krugel Cobbles, Inc. are experts at determining the best materials for each job.  They help clients decide what materials will look and function the best for each project.  When discussing and deciding on materials, considerations are made for client taste, functionality, safety, surrounding environment and durability.

For Driveways:

  • Concrete Pavers
  • Clay Brick Pavers
  • Tumbled Stone Cobbles
  • Granite Cobbles
  • Reclaimed Clay
  • Granite Street Pavers
  • Decorative Gravel embedded Asphalt

For Patios, Walkways & Stoops:

  • Natural Stone such as Bluestone or Wisconsin Limestone
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Clay Brick Pavers
  • Granite Pavers

For Pool Decks:

  • Natural Stone, such as Bluestone or Wisconsin Limestone
  • Mediterranean Marble
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Granite Pavers

For Roof Decks & Balcony Terraces:

  • Concrete Tiles or Natural Stone Tiles on Pedestal System
  • LiveRoof® Green Roof System.

For Seatwalls, Retaining Walls, Planter Walls & Fire Pits:

  • Masonry over Concrete Footings
  • Mortar-tucked Stone Slabs
  • Stacked Concrete Units

For Specialty Masonry Items:

  • Natural Stone Veneer
  • Clay Brick Veneer
  • Stone Copings
Driveways  •  Walkways  •  Stoops & Stairs  •  Walls  •  Patios  •  Pool Decks  •  Firepits  •  Masonry Grills  •  Specialty Masonry