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Zen Garden Accessories

Zen Lantern (Large)

Zen Lantern (Medium)

This 5 piece standalone Japanese style lantern is sure to be an eye catcher. Made of high quality white granite and standing 2 foot tall it is guaranteed to last a life time! $195 ea.

White Granite 4 piece bird house style zen lantern is an excellent addition to any outdoor environment. With its nearly 3 foot vertical height it is sure to cast a beautiful glow on its surroundings. $145

Zen Lantern (Small)

One piece walkway light will leave all visitors in awe. With is compact size of 12 inches you can bring this beauty indoors, for your very own handcrafted table light. $95 ea. 

Disclaimer- All pieces shown are hand crafted thus slight variations will be normal. All sales final. CASH ONLY Delivery not available.

Contact: (847) 234-7935 or tristan@krugel.com for sales 

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